Proactive revenue assurance through knowledge driven analytics engine

ZenApTor is an analytics based Revenue Assurance solution, developed using a collection of open-source distributed data-processing components for storing and processing structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data at truly high scale (as in tens or hundreds of terabytes of even petabytes).

ZenApTor detects the symptoms of leakage, prevents incidents before they reach the customer bill, accelerates resolution times, and enables Revenue Assurance teams to align their successes with broader organizational goals - such as higher margins and customer satisfaction.It also helps them address revenue assurance issues across multiple functional areas, such as service fulfillment, usage integrity, retail billing, interconnect/wholesale billing, and content settlement.

ZenApTor, offers end-to-end coverage to detect leakage across entire value chain with features including

  • Industry‚Äôs first next generation revenue assurance solution built on an open standard-based analytics framework
  • Unique architecture that provides capabilities to operationalize known KPIs and continuously detect new forms of leakage
  • Proven ROI across service providers of all sizes and a track record of 100% successful implementations
  • Highly optimized technology stack to reduce total cost of ownership, hardware and storage requirements
  • Integrated Alarm and Case Management to enable active monitoring and rapid closure
  • Rapid and effective phased deployment methodology with focus on achieving quick wins and realizing rapid ROI

Do you want to dramatically reduce the time required to implement or extend the coverage of your revenue assurance practices? Mail to info@zenoire.com