Helping organizations transform raw data into actionable insights

We make it possible for our clients to progress with eliminating complexities and thrive in success in their business with all IT intelligence which is critically required.We are the innovators, infact we designed a patented BI solution to process huge data on a commodity hardware in early 1990’s. with years of experience in providing Businesses Intelligence Solutions which can transform our clients’ business processes entirely well. Our Business Intelligence services are always backed up technological concepts or ideations and can effectively provide our clients much broader analytic capabilities to make better and informed decisions.

We use the following approach to overcome business challenges faced by our customers, using Big Data:

We offer the possibility of developing one application running on most smartphones in the market today, and still giving you the option to have customized UI for each device.

  • Discover – Joint strategy discussions with client’s leadership team to understand their business-specific Big Data challenges and recommend possible approaches.
  • Design – Technical reviews to recommend suitable solutions based on particular Big Data technology by developing proof-of-concepts. We leverage our tools and frameworks to provide tailor-made solutions.
  • Deliver – Work collaboratively with client to implement (architect, design, develop, QA, and deploy) the recommended Big Data Solutions.

Know how we helped a telecom company address revenue assurance issues across multiple functional areas by processing open-source distributed data- components for storing and processing structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data at truly high scale (as in tens or hundreds of terabytes of even petabytes) here .

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